Old Goals Become New Habits

Over the years I have tried to incorporate mediation and yoga into my health plan. But, consistency has been an issue.  See – I start things and soon other obligations get in the way and I let the focus on my health go on the back-burner.

This week I have made a commitment to get more sleep and to incorporate meditation into my daily schedule.   Sleep is easy – I spent the day in the recliner dozing.  My plan is to be in bed by 10:30 each night – this is two or more hours earlier than my normal bedtime.

Meditation is not as easy for me, to incorporate mediation into my life I have to create time and learn how to slow my hummingbird brain.   

To help me focus on not thinking I am using a program called, Calm  Calm is a mindfulness app that is simple to use and helps me focus on me and not the other hundred of things screaming for my attention.

Calm also allows me to track my progress. As a visual person who loves my planner and to-do-list, being able to track my progress is a bonus.

I would love to hear how you incorporate mediation into your life-
~ ConnieKayA ~
A Southern Girl sharing her passion for living an abundantly blessed life